Familiarizing Yourself With HubSpot Resources

While HubSpot's tools and capabilities are unquestionably extensive, so are the resources available for support and training. One of the most valuable things that any HubSpot user can do, is become familiar with these resources and take advantage of the network of support available at your fingertips. 

HubSpot Support:

To connect to HubSpot Support, click the purple help button in the bottom right of your portal. 

Help Bot


There are three primary channel options:


Calling includes two methods. The first is directly calling using the number 1 888- HUB-SPOT x3 (1 888-482-7768 x3)  or by submitting a call back request when available.

Calling HubSpot directly connects you with a member of the support team who can look into the problem straight away and help you define your goal. Not only is the phone line one of the most immediate methods of receiving support, but phone representatives also have the ability to jump on zoom for screen shares. 


The HubSpot Support team aims to answer Email tickets within 24 hours, however, this is dependent on the volume of tickets, and the availability of email support representatives. While it may not be the fastest way to receive HubSpot Support, it also has its benefits. In an Email ticket, you can include screenshots, video recordings, and generally, you will receive support from reps who are more versed in the area of the tool your question pertains to.


The best way to answer a quick question, or if you need to be directed to the most useful resource. Chat may not be the place to troubleshoot large, in-depth workflow issues or get a walk-through of a new area of a product but it can be incredibly valuable for a quick and easy response to something straightforward. 


The Community:

The HubSpot community serves as a center for HubSpot-related discussions. The community is a resource available to all subscriptions free to enterprise. The community is meant to assist all HubSpot users in asking questions, finding answers, and sharing information with the rest of the HubSpot community. The community acts as a think tank, allowing users to connect with other portals that may have had similar obstacles and specific needs within their portal.


The Knowledge base:

The HubSpot Knowledge Base is a collection of how-to manuals, reference documents, and troubleshooting instructions. Information about almost anything can be found on the knowledge base. To self-serve and familiarize yourself with all of HubSpot's features, search or read the Knowledge Base. Within the HubSpot app, you may also find useful links to relevant publications when clicking the purple help button in the bottom right-hand side of any window in the portal.

Developers Documentation:

All of the high-level technical information you'll need to succeed on HubSpot's platform is available in the developer documentation. The Developer Docs are the place to go for API and CMS-related questions. The documentation located here provides getting started guides, in detail resolutions, and background information vital to setting up a successful connection between HubSpot and other apps. In addition, HubSpot’s Developer Docs have tutorials on all things design and functionality.

The Academy:

The HubSpot Academy is incredibly underutilized. It is the HubSpot learning center and home of both, “quick, practical courses to comprehensive certifications.” The HubSpot academy allows you to watch videos at your preferred speed, downloadable transcripts and references to a host of related resources at the bottom of each video. For anyone getting started, this is always the first place I recommend. It can really help get a start when using the HubSpot portal.